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I’m having a hard time figuring out what kind of data would be interesting (and available) for developers. Honestly I think its going to take a little more time to get feedback from the public (we haven’t received any specific requests) and also get directors thinking what kind of data would be valuable to put out there. I’ve learned that you have to show them an actual app for them to think about what they could be sitting on.

Have you checked out the San Francisco data page? This might be a good place to get ideas of what people could use. If you could take a look and give me ideas I could start hunting it down.

There are a number of app ideas that are citizen focused but doesn’t necessarily need city data sets. Re-route if for example could be done with Honolulu information.

I really would like to see someone use the code from this Open 211 project that Code for America did. There is a lot of documentation and the our office of Community Service would be game to help out with info

“Change by us” just opened up their code. Their site is a way to share ideas on making neighborhoods and communities better. Here is whay NY’s site looks like and this is Seattle

Check out PDXAPI This is a citizen built geographical API creator. Maybe this could be adapted?

There is also the open gov platform that has opened its code for building an open data site.

If someone wanted to do the Adopt-a-node there is some data for current locations of nodes.

If you check the SF hackathon that happened in Sept a lot of the ideas weren’t built on City data, they were built to help citizens out with information. One that I remember that was really cool was all the ATM’s in the City that don’t have a surcharge.

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  1. I’ve mentioned this many times before, but why not again? I’ve long been interested in HPD crime data. For years the claim was that it just wasn’t available in an easily processable format. But now HPD is sending a feed to If a private company can get this public data, why can’t the public? HPD is already sanitizing it for specific crimes and throttling updates:

    Also, this data should be in an open format:

    From what I gather, some sites are scraping this page and parsing it, but that’s just silly.

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